Friday, October 25, 2013

Cheesecake Bliss on South William Street!

I've returned from my inaugural visit to that little piece of heaven in South William Street that is "Cheesecake."
(not my photos btw)
In a temporary shop space at 55 South William Street which they will have until January, the magical world of cheesecake has been born. Sod the sandwiches- we had cheesecake for lunch, and very pleased we were too! Opting for the cheesecake-in-a-jar just for the fun off it we tried the Crunchie Cheesecake and the Dime Cheesecake. Loose biscuit crumbs at he bottom topped with a generous dollop of sweetened cheese and lumps of Crunchie was bliss in a jar.
 Photo: Oh nearly forgot...we're on an ice cream roll today.... Tangle Twister anyone?  Lime and Vanilla all swirled up together with raspberry in the middle....What's not to like? Photo: Baked White Chocolate with Raspberry Hearts..
The baked cheesecakes at the counter looked fabulous. Tangle-twister anyone? Or baked white chocolate with raspberry hearts(pictured above). The lovely lady who runs the shop said several days they had sold out completely- what a great success for a shop that opened just three weeks ago today. can it last? Is cheesecake the new cupcake? I hope so because I never liked those big splodges of buttercream and not so great cakes at the bottom.

Good luck to another new great Dublin venture. Open 12-6.30pm and on Facebook .

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